Uses and benefits of tibetan prayer beads pic.

The benefits of Tibetan Buddhist mala beads are many when you know how to use them properly in prayer or meditation. Many people wear them, of course. But, you will want your beads, whether they are part of a necklace with a tassel or a part of a bracelet, to benefit you in all ways from your physical health to your mental health to that of your spiritual health.

If you practice yoga, you may also have a meditation practice in place. Do not forget to uses your mala beads to help you become better at this practice. The benefits of mala beads when meditating include being able to focus better, go deeper and calm your mind. You can reach mindfulness and better overall health with your beads. This goes for their use in prayer as well.

Benefits of Mala Beads in Meditation or Prayer

By using a set of Buddhist mala beads, the benefits the wearer/user experiences differ according to their intentions. The colors and materials of the beads help you focus on different things that you’d like to get better in your life.

A person can experience a positive change in many different areas of their life with the use of mala, according to their intentions. Some of the most common intentions for mala beads are as follows:

  • healing
  • fertility
  • love
  • prosperity
  • anxiety help
  • protection
  • abundance
  • wealth
  • confidence
  • creativity
  • patience
  • courage
  • depression help
  • focus
  • grounding
  • happiness
  • letting go
  • protection
  • self-love
  • weight loss

Other Benefits of Mala Beads

Do you have a particular intention for the beads you own? Whether you want to focus on loving kindness, truth or letting go, your beads can help. Use the beads to help you get what it is that you want. Use them as meditation beads to help you count the number of times you recite your intentions. Use them in prayer to manifest the qualities you want to embody as a person and as a yoga practitioner.

The type of bead you choose has meaning. Lava stones, for example, provide clarity and strength. When you have an intention, choose the stone in your necklace or bracelet that most closely resonates with that to get the greatest benefit from it.

Do you need help getting answers to questions in life? Everyone does from time to time. Use your mala beads in prayer and meditate on the answers you seek. The stones can help. Remember that choosing the stone that matches your needs for something have the innate power to assist you. They have been used for these reasons for thousands of years. Redstone, a popular stone for mala necklaces, helps you get answers on love, and so much more.

Wearing your beads serves as a daily reminder of your yoga practice. This is another way in which they benefit you. They look beautiful and they are empowering to wear, but do not forget that having them close to you every day will serve as a powerful reminder of what you are trying to manifest. If you are looking for healing of some kind, having them to touch from time to time is very helpful.

Besides the obvious benefit in which you use your mala to count the number of times you recite your mantras, you can use your beads to achieve mental wellness outside of meditating as well. Whether you simply wear them after praying or meditating or you choose different necklaces to focus on different aspects of your health each day, the beads have the benefit of giving you the energy to attain mental balance. Everyone is going through something. Wearing your beads can also serve as an important reminder of how you are a part of everything and this can help improve your outlook and benefit your mental health.

Your mala beads are a beautiful piece of jewelry. They are also an important part of your daily yoga and meditation practice. Wear them with love and respect and they will help you improve your overall health.