Mala Necklace for Buddhist Prayer and Meditation

Wooden Mala NecklaceA mala necklace can be great way to take your Buddhist prayer beads with you wherever you go. While most necklaces on the market today are for decoration, you can be sure that our authentic mala necklaces are much more than that. They’re a guide to enlightenment.

In traditional Tibetan Buddhism, prayer beads are used to keep count of each repetition of a mantra. In modern meditation, they can also be used to count breaths or mental intentions. While mala necklaces aren’t that much different than traditional buddha beads, there are a few distinct traits that separate the two.

First of all, a mala necklace is always going to have at least 108 beads. You can find many different types of Buddhist prayer necklaces on the market that range dramatically in bead-count. However, as a practitioner of meditation, you know that the true article is only divisible into an 18 bead-count, a 27 bead-count, a 54 bead-count, and the full 108 bead-count necklace as found on our site.

Pick a General-Purpose Mala Necklace that Coordinates with Your Lifestyle

Since a necklace is worn front-and-center, you’ll want to be sure that it coordinates with your wardrobe. The different color options of Buddhist necklace beads can halt your decision to buy one entirely. Having too many options can make a person not take any action at all. We feel that this is such a shame since many Buddhist meditation practitioners swear by their mala beads, whether in necklace-form or otherwise. Furthermore, finding a high-quality mala necklace for sale online can pose a lot of problems in and of itself. After all, anyone can go buy some plastic or wooden beads and call them a Tibetan rosary or Buddhist prayer beads. To combat this issue, we recommend buying a mala necklace from a trusted and secured site (one with https, not http). We also recommend you purchase a general-purpose necklace that can be used for a variety of different mantras and meditations. Staying away from one solid color is one piece of practical advice that, if followed, can dramatically improve your state-of-mind and well being at any time of the day.

Since you’ll be wearing your mala necklace all day, you should consider buying the highest quality one you can afford. This goes for any type of jewelry including a mala bracelet. After all, you’re going to be touching and rotating each one of the beads as you state your mantras AND displaying it prominently around your neck. You want to be sure that the materials don’t easily absorb foreign materials from your fingers.

If you’re going for that natural wood look, the Buddhist necklace beads that you want to get will be made of rattan seeds, sandalwood or rosewood. If you’re going for more of a decorative type of jewelry, which doubles as a prayer and meditation aid, a mala necklace made of gold, silver, or amber are the way to go. The natural properties of these metals can serve to increase merit, life span, and knowledge.

Whether you’re just the occasional meditator or are looking for a tool to help you reach enlightenment, we know that by browsing through our collection, you will find the perfect mala necklace.