Tibetan Meditation Bell: Tingsha

Tibetan bells, or tingsha, have historically been used to clear a room of bad energy, awaken our minds back to a state of mindfulness, increase our focus before a meditation session, and in music therapy or sound healing. In our collection of meditation bells, each set is carefully selected by those in touch with achieving enlightenment and have an ear for quality. When buying your first Tibetan bell set, there can be a lot of questions in the forefront of your mind. Rest assured that we’re here to help.

how to use a mindfullness bell

What is a Tingsha Meditation Bell

Meditation bells can be simply described as a set of finger cymbals. This musical instrument is commonly referred to as a Tibetan bell, tingsha, or Buddhist bell. As you could guess with any set of musical chimes, the harmonies that they produce can invoke a feeling of calmness, focus, and have a grounding property. They are used in many different forms of meditation including Buddhism, Zen, Transcendentalism, Mindfulness, and Yoga. They can also be called chimes or cymbals, depending on the meditation practice.


How Tingsha is Constructed

As with any musical instrument, the higher quality meditation bells are made with the end result in mind. A great set of tingsha cymbals will produce equal sounds from both pieces of metal. A poorly made set will produce two different sounds that do not harmonize or serve the purpose of meditation or healing. When selecting a Tibetan bell, choose quality over price.


Tingsha’s Historical Construction

In Tibetan Buddhist meditation, the finger chimes weren’t historically used in the way that you would think. They were primarily used to clear a room of negative energy before a person would go into a meditative state. Since this belief was so strong, the makers of the chimes would painstakingly hammer out every detail (quite literally) to be sure that both halves would produce the same note and harmonics. These were often made out of bronze alloys which allowed them to produce a sharp and crystal-clear sound that could resonate for a long time.


Modern Manufacturing of Meditation Bells

As most manufacturers aim to stay above a certain profit percentage, most Tibetan bells aren’t made to the same quality specifications as their antique counterparts. Cheaper metals are now used and automated machining produces sounds that rarely produces two identical sounds.


How to Use Tibetan Chimes

meditation bell sound mp3 musciSince most people who buy tingsha do so with the hope of increasing their focus upon ending their meditation session, the other uses of these chimes can sometimes be forgotten. Their main use in modern time is as a meditation bell, but they can also be used in music therapy and mindfulness.


Tingsha as a Meditation Bell

To use tingsha cymbals as a meditation bell, you would use them both before and after your session. Using tingsha beforehand allows you to ‘clear the air’ and help you focus on your intentions during meditation. Using the tingsha after meditating allows you to again, clear the air, and become more mindful of the physical realm.


Use the Tibetan Bell to Renew Your Energy

While tingsha have been used in meditation, its important to understand the religious and ceremonious applications. The reason that Buddhist monks used them in the first place was to negate any negative energy in the room and to “feed hungry spirits.” In modern day language, we say it more plainly as enhancing our mood. Tibetan bells get you to focus by helping your brain connect to the physical realm through auditory stimulation.


The Buddhist Bell in Sound Healing

Music therapy often uses soothing sounds and bright harmonics to elevate mood, decrease the feeling of depression, and calm our minds. A recent study has shown that the effects of sound and acoustic vibrations has promising effects on degenerative diseases and mood. Logic dictates that a high quality tingsha would incite a similar response.


Our Tibetan Bell Selection Goes Deeper Than Just Tingsha

While our Tibetan bell selection is vast and we’re sure you can find a set that will make you very happy, whether it be for healing, mindfulness, or altering your states of consciousness, Tibetan singing bowls make a great pairing.


Pairing Tingshas with Tibetan Singing Bowls in Meditation Sessions

While these small Tibetan bells are great for becoming more alert and increasing our physical awareness, they are often used in conjunction with singing bowl meditation, Himalayan bowls, and crystal singing bowls for the ultimate shift from alert and connected to the physical realm – to a deep meditative state – and back again. The singing bowls take you into a deep meditation and the tingsha brings you back to the present very quickly and efficiently!


Listen to Tingsha and Singing Bowl Music

While some of us prefer the deep resonance of a singing bowl and the awakening effect of the meditation bell, you might prefer to just listen to compositions of music with the two interwoven sounds. If this is the case, we recommend that you head over to our Tibetan meditation music and see the best selling CD’s of all time. You can choose to download the MP3 version or buy the CD itself. We highly recommend the latter due to the difference in sound quality. On the next page, we’ll go over the difference in audio quality more in-depth.

For details on a specific set of tingsha meditation bells, just click on the image. Happy shopping!