Tibetan Singing Bowls for Healing and Meditation

using tibetan singing bowls for meditation chakra healing picTibetan singing bowls have been used in Buddhist prayer and meditation for thousands of years. In many Eastern religions, including Tibetan Buddhism, singing bells are used primarily with chanting and meditation. They have been used in Taoist practices, Chinese Buddhist temples, and Japanese temples for religious ceremonies and healing purposes.

Recently, Tibetan singing bowls have become extremely popular with music therapists and sound healers, yoga and meditation practitioners. This is due to the frequency at which they resonate and the harmonics that are produced that calm our current state and help us clear our minds. While many people who practice meditation are aware of the effects of sound on our bodies, it is only just now becoming mainstream pseudo-science.

The Historical Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls & Modern Uses

Sound therapy, in essence, helps to align our “chakras.” Chakras are energy points in our body and are naturally in harmony with one another. Daily stressors, illnesses, and negative thoughts impact these points of energy so that we are no longer in harmony with our true nature. According to sound healers and music therapists, the sounds that Tibetan bowls produce may be a quick and direct way to realign our internal vibrational resonance in our bodies, allowing for optimum health.

Where Singing Bowls Came From

While most people call all singing bowls, ‘Tibetan,’ they may be more accurately be called by the phrase “Himalayan Singing Bowls.” They can be found all over the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, and Tibet. Furthermore, they are often referred to as other terms in Japan, Mongolia, China, and Korea. So, in essence, the two terms – Himalayan singing bowls and Tibetan bowls – can be used interchangeably.

Tibetan singing bowls, also referred to as Tibetan standing bells, may not be Buddhist in origin after all. According to yowangdu.com, they may even date back to pre-Buddhist Tibetan culture, known as Tibetan Bon. The practice of using these singing bowls can be found across many different Eastern religions and regions.

The Benefits of Using a Tibetan Singing Bowl

The use of Tibetan Singing Bowls can have a positive effect on your mood, focus, the body’s natural healing process, and memory recall. As these effects are aligned with the goals of meditation or prayer, singing bowls are often used to enhance the impact of these practices. Many sound therapy experts utilize both the singing bowl and their smaller counterpart, the tingsha meditation bell to fluctuate between states of alertness/mindfulness and a deep meditative state.

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How to Use Tibetan Singing Bowls

The mechanics of playing a Tibetan bowl are fairly simple. You can place the bowl either on a special mat that doesn’t dampen the harmonics or you can cup it by your fingertips. The latter produces a better sound and since the bell has contact with your body, meditation practitioners have found that feeling the harmonics throughout your ‘chakras’ is more profound. A wooden striker is used to hit the bowl producing a sharp sound with a lasting ring (just like a bell). To produce a constant ring and vibration, the person using the Tibetan singing bowl would simply drag the striker along the rim of the bell for as long as needed.

How to Find the Right Singing Bowl For Sale and Get Started

If you already meditate or pray on a consistent basis and have not used auditory aids, then we recommend starting off with a CD or MP3 version of Tibetan singing bowl music. After you have found which frequency your body responds to better, then owning your own singing bowl (Tibetan, Himalayan, or otherwise) will help you achieve a disconnect from the external world quicker and more deeply when you use it with your meditation or prayer. It will help you calm your mind and release negative thoughts from your consciousness. There are certain harmonic frequencies that each singing bowl produces in which your body will react more positively to. On our site, we only sell singing bowls that resonate at the appropriate frequencies to optimize healing, meditation, focus, mental clarity, and prayer.

We have bowls of almost every size on our website so feel free to peruse our collection. We know that by scanning through a few descriptions, you’ll be able to match your goals in meditation or prayer with one of our Tibetan singing bowls.