tibetan singing bowl healing properties image.

A Tibetan singing bowl is an object that has been used for its healing properties for quite a long time. It is used to invoke a deep state of relaxation and it assists in improving chakras. There are several effects of the singing bowl as it can be used for lots of positive causes.

Uses for Tibetan Singing Bowls


To start with, singing bowls are used for meditation. It invokes an extreme state of relaxation which instinctively aides one in entering the state of meditation. They typically help one to meditate on the main goal, which is enlightenment. The subtle sounds of the singing bowl help to tune the listener into the universal sound.

Stress Reduction

More so, the singing bowl is used for stress reduction. This is because it is believed that the sounds it makes help one to feel relaxed and less stressed. This could also be because playing the singing bowl can cause an instant centering effect on such person.

Mood Elevation

In addition to stress reduction, the singing bowl can also be used to affect one’s sense of well being and mood positively. In cases of depression, singing bowls can be effective as they can be used to help one feel cheerful thereby leaving the state of depression.

Religious and Spiritual Ceremonies

Furthermore, the singing bowl is extremely effective as it is also used during spiritual and religious ceremonies. Tibetan monks originally used the singing bowl for spiritual purposes and it is still used today.


The singing bowls also have its effects in terms of healing. Singing bowl healing is used by alternative medicine practitioners and meditation gurus to help aid those who are unwell. In the ancient times, the singing bowl had its effects as it was used for healing purposes. It is used for emotional and psychological healing which includes the use of meditation, visualization and so on. In addition to its use for healing, the singing bowls also aides the Reiki healing process.

Chakra Balancing

Additionally, the singing bowls also have an effect in balancing the Chakra. The blend of the harmonic tones, which is produced by the bells, usually have a direct effect on the chakra.

Cleansing Negative Emotions

When it comes to a person’s level of energy, the singing bowls have an effect as it increases a person’s energy flow, level of creativity, and motivation. The singing bowls are used to cleanse negative emotions and energy. Through it sounds; it also soothes and harmonizes a person’s emotions and feelings.

Bringing Inner Peace

Furthermore, singing bowls help a person connect with his/her inner self. It also tends to aide ones sleep by improving it and making the person feel relaxed while asleep. This could be achieved as it stabilizes the hemispheres of the brain. More so, it has an effect on depression as it can be used to cure a depressed person.

Overall, the singing bowls have the main purpose of restoring vibratory effects to the mind, soul, and body, which are diseased or perhaps, out of harmony. However, the singing bowls can be related as a form of sound therapy. It is also beneficial to people who are hearing-impaired because even if the person does not hear the sound, they will still be able to feel the vibration.