Why use mala beads? The definitive answer.

If you are a regular practitioner of meditation and yoga you may have seen many of your friends sporting mala beads. You may have wondered why use mala beads and why are these are becoming so popular. Furthermore, you are probably wondering if they could have a positive effect on your path to developing your spiritual side. The short answer is, yes.

The History of Mala Prayer Beads

Malas have been called Buddhist prayer beads or Simply Buddhist Beads and have been a part of Buddhist tradition for centuries. The traditional Rudraksha mala has been dated as far back as the 10th century.

Malas can be found that contain 108, 27 or 21 beads at a time and have been used to count breaths or mantras when practicing yoga and meditation. Those with more beads can be used for longer meditation sessions. They can also be found in a wide variety of styles materials and designs for different intentions of practice.

How to Use Mala Beads

You can introduce your mala beads yo your regular meditation or yoga practice making your efforts more enjoyable and even a bit easier. Here are 8 points to consider. Establish the intention of your practice and be clear about the purpose of the mantra and affirmation you are applying. Seek out a comfortable and secluded place where you can practice without interference and choose your position properly. Remember it is more important to be sitting comfortably erect, than to force yourself into the advanced lotus positions. Lose the eyes and focus on the natural depth and length of your breathing. Begin to breathe into your root chakra and and bring your focus onto the mantra and affirmation you are practicing. At this point you will also want to allow the first mala bed to res on the index finger of your right hand. Recite your mantra and slowly release the bead as you move the next onto position, repeat this till you have gone all around the mala loop. Once you have gotten to the end, you can switch it around and begin working in the opposite direction.

Choosing the Best Mala for You

When you choose your first mala beads you should do so from an intuitive stand point. Consider all parts of the prayer beads, like the material you want it to be made out of, the gemstones you want in it, and the mala’s tassel. The mala that appeals to you will be the right mala for you, as if you choose each other. You should also know that certain malas have a certain special feature making them suited to specific practices. For example, of you are seeking an focal point as your mind is prone to attack, a green aventine is comfortable and blocks negative vibes and energies prolific in the modern world.

Then there are other malas that are especially designed to contribute to chakras. The throat chakra for example, is best addressed with blues tones and a turquoise or hawk’s eye mala bead will allow the user to open and interface with this chakra in an intuitive and natural manner. If you have any specific needs you would like addressed with your mala beads you should consult a gem reference guide before making your final decision.